Thank you for passing by. My name is Pouya Mohammadi, I am a roboticist, AI and machine learning researcher and specialist. I am slowly transferring my content to this new place. In the meanwhile you can refer to my old homepage at the institute for robotics and process informatics, TU Braunschweig. Alternatively, you can find some relevant information in my Linkedin.

For work related inquires please visit my work website at https://sci-tech-consulting.de

For a list of publications with abstracts please use this static page. I intend to make a dedicated homepage for each paper to discuss their significant outcomes. This list can be accessed from the top menu, however, for the moment it will redirect you to the same static page.

Latest Post

  • Bartender Robots
    The goal of this project was to provide code and utilities to control two Panda robots by Franka Emika to open a bottle using a standard bottle opener, pour the beverage into a glass, and detect and dispose of the cap with a custom designed magnet gripper.
  • ROS 2 – a viable real-time solution?
    A close look at ROS 2 in the scope of multiple real-time benchmarks. We stress tested ROS 2 under PREEMPT_RT and Vanilla Linux kernels, head to head against one of the most reliable real-time robotic frameworks of the last 2 decades, OROCOS.